What is INFUSE Academy?

Our industry is continuously evolving, and as such, learning is a key part of keeping up to date and maintaining a competitive edge.
At the forefront of change, INFUSE Academy was created with a passion to give back to the communities where we live and work. We have developed an extensive range of online courses to enable professionals such as yourself to grow and thrive in the fast-paced world of B2B marketing.
Whether you’re at the beginning of your marketing journey or looking to advance your skills, we have the resources required to enhance your skillset.
Built with the insights and expertise of 50+ B2B marketing leaders, our courses are designed to help you achieve performance excellence. Let’s take your marketing career to the next level!

Our experts


Greg Campbell

Head of Strategic Growth (EMEA), INFUSE


Raluca Apostol

Founder and Campaign Marketing Director, eMarketing Stars


Adriana Stein

CEO & Founder,
AS Marketing


Hannah Shain

VP Marketing, B2B Tech


Mason Cosby

Strategic Advisor & Founder of Scrappy ABM


Sharon Palermo

Head of Growth,


Carson Spitzke

Founder of Spitz Solutions


Bryan Grover

Grover Consulting, Marketing Consultant, Freelance Copywriting & Content Strategy


Ben Stroup

President of Velocity Strategy Solutions


Andrew Babb

Demand GenerationManager, KNIME


David Verwey

EMEA Vice President & DPO, INFUSE


Michael Phelan

Principle and Founder, Go-to-Market Pros

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Popular Courses


Demand Generation

Strategy presented as a way to generate interest in your business and become a source of valuable information for your customers


Account-Based Marketing

This client-centric marketing strategy based on highly-personalized campaigns is discussed as a way to target high-value accounts and improve revenues


Sales and Marketing Alignment

Importance of finding areas of misalignment between the sales and marketing teams is outlined together with strategies of how to bridge this gap



Process explained and instruments provided for maximizing your content marketing potential to boost sales and build brand loyalty


Intent-Driven Marketing

Philosophy and use of intent data outlined as an approach to an in-depth understanding of your clients and catering to their business needs

Why learn with INFUSE Academy?


Grow professionally

Invest in your career by staying up to date with the latest industry trends and expertise in B2B marketing, sales, and more


Highlight your skills and achievements

Get certified with relevant skills to expand your qualifications and boost your LinkedIn profile to stand out in your field


Expand your business

Leverage expert insights from experienced marketing leaders to craft strategies that foster long-lasting relationships and boost revenue


  • What topics do your courses cover?

    Our range of courses is continuously expanding to cover the core and trending B2B marketing topics. 
    We offer courses on:● Demand Generation● Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)● Intent-Driven Marketing (IDM)● Account-Based Marketing (ABM)● Lead Nurturing● Sales & Marketing Alignment● Inbound & Outbound Marketing● Storytelling in B2B Marketing● SMM & Influencer Marketing● RevOps● Sales Funnel in B2B Marketing● Omnichannel Marketing● The Use of AI in B2B Marketing● The Art of Engaging Cold Prospects: Discovery Meetings & Interactions

  • Do you plan to launch new courses?

    Absolutely! We’re always developing new, fresh courses so that you and your team can keep growing and adapting to new challenges and trends as they arise. We notify our learners about new courses by email when they are launched.

  • How long does each course take to complete?

    Our courses are built in an easy-to-use format, using video lessons, best practices, interactive assignments, tools, and reading materials to suit your learning style and fit into your busy routine.

    The completion time for each course is available on the course description pages, however, our courses typically range from 30 minutes to 3 hours of total learning time. 

  • Is it possible to view the course on my mobile device?

    Although course videos are available for watching on a mobile device, we recommend accessing our courses on a laptop or desktop for an optimal viewing and learning experience. However, we are currently developing a mobile app for INFUSE Academy to address this. Stay tuned!